Piper has a diverse background in musical styles. As a drummer, she knows that the outcome of every project is that it has to feel good. As an engineer, Piper is focused on technical quality and correctness. But, at the end of the day, mastering is about format conversion and quality control so the project gets just what it needs.

Piper is active on development teams for RADAR, Sonic Studio, and Metric Halo.

Piper has mastered music for many artists, including Madame Gandhi, Geographer, Kat Robichaud, ANML, Elletrodomestico (Jane Wiedlin/Go-Go’s), Sioux City Kid, Battlehooch, Psychic Twin, Mars Today, Fritz Montana, Tumbleweed Wanderers, The She’s, Pine & Battery, Beautiful Machines, Headlander (video game), Emily Afton, Alexis Harte, Deer Park Avenue, Abbot Kinney, American Lions, Alta View, Bed., Travis Hayes, Vela Eyes, Higuera, Hundredth, New Diplomat, Brendan McCreary, Crashing Hotels, Eagle Wolf Snake, Moetar, Bad Form, Gardens, The Boys After, Sabertooth Zombie, Makeunder, MC Rai, Gay Paris, Real Numbers, Shawna Virago. 

To visit her mastering studio, or to book a session, please click on Neato! Mastering here.