Featured Projects

Here are a few of Piper's favorite mastering projects.  Go ahead - take a listen!


Madame Gandhi - "Voices" EP

Kiran Gandhi, known by her stage name Madame Gandhi, is an electronic music artist, singer, and activist based in Los Angeles. Having gained recognition as the former drummer for M.I.A. and as the iconic free-bleeding runner at the 2015 London Marathon, Madame Gandhi now works with sound designer Alexia Riner to create art that elevates and celebrates the female voice.  Piper mastered her "Voices" EP for digital and vinyl formats, and is currently mastering her new single.  "The Future is Female" from "Voices" continues to take the world by storm.


David Earl - "Headlander" Soundtrack

David Earl composed this game soundtrack for Adult Swim, with analog synths. It's a wonderful mix of retro-wave, electronica, disco, and rock that is immediately grabbing. Think Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, 70's prog rock band Camel, Mass Effect's Soundtrack. Piper created both digital and vinyl album masters for this soundtrack.


Ray Cooper - "The Poetry of Motion" 

Ray recorded this gorgeous solo piano album on a Bosendorfer with engineer Patrick Phillips at Real World Studios and also on a Bluthner 9 ft grand - largely used for scoring at Skywalker - with engineer Leslie Ann Jones. 

"Upon the mix completion, it was off to the hands and ears of Piper Payne of Coast Mastering who heard the project as I envisioned.  Her efforts, patience and guidance gives you this project in front of you. "


Geographer - "I Want It All" single and "Animal Shapes" Vinyl Release

Piper has worked with S.F. indie band Geographer on several projects including the "I Want It All" single release, and the vinyl remaster of their "Animal Shapes" EP. "‘Geographer is the next ‘ need to know’ SF band. Synth-y, orchestral, moody and melodic, they make a beautiful cocktail of music. The recipe? Take two parts Grizzly Bear and one part New Order, mix well and you’ve got yourself a heady concoction of sound perfect for after hour, late night sessions of…whatever.” –The OCMD


UnderCover Presents: A Tribute to Björk's Homogenic

UnderCover Presents was founded in 2010 and has rapidly established itself as an inspirational collective that gathers musicians and artists from every facet of San Francisco Bay Area’s creative community. The concept is simple, one band per song reinterpreting an entire classic album from start to finish. Each artist is highly encouraged to put their own sound and personality on their rendition. Piper mastered the tribute to Björk's "Homogenic", as well as the upcoming tribute to "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill."

Battlehooch - "Wink" EP

San Francisco’s Battlehooch defies the calculus of sound. By cross-pollinating elements of psychedelia with modern pop, the six piece have given birth to a mutant strain of kaleidoscopic rock and roll.

Yuri Liberzon - "Ascension" 

Russian-born and Israeli-raised guitarist Yuri Liberzon ranks among today’s foremost classical guitarists in the United States and the world. His playing has been described as “Transcendent technical prowess at the service of gracious musicality. "
Yuri writes: "This recording symbolizes my ascension as musician and human through the passage of time. It showcases music that resonated with me from when I was a kid back in Russia, teenager in Israel and my adult life in the USA. In no way is this album a representaion of the peak of my ascension, but rather a milestone on my way towards it.