Piper has been featured in several publications including Electronic Musician, Tape Op, SF Chronicle, and Mix Magazine.

08.31.17  Prosoundnews: "Payne Opens Neato Mastering"

04.04.17 Water & Music: "Audiophilia, consumers and other outdated ideas." by Cherie Hu

02.05.17    SF Chronicle:  "Celebrating the Summer of Love in this winter of unrest" by Leah Garchik

2016           CAREER STRATEGIES FOR AUDIO PROFESSIONALS  A Systematic Guide to Employment in the Industry                                     Soaring Dove Productions - contributing author   

08.02.16      Electronic Musician : "Now Hear This: Top Engineers on Studio Monitors"

07.01.16       Tape Op : "SPL: IRON Mastering Compressor" 

10.26.15       Mix Magazine: "New 'Coast Mastering' Opens as Expanded Facility in Berkeley"

10.26.15      Working Class Audio : Podcast #45 With Piper Payne

11.24.14       Electronic Musician: "Master Class: Streaming Concerts"